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Author   Topic : "KingsIsle Entertainment Seeking Contract Concept Artists"

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:02 am     Reply with quote
Hey all,

********we have received enough applicants and are closing this position at this time. thank you very much!*********

KingsIsle Entertainment is looking for concept artists to work on a 5 week environment concept initiative to help craft the visual style for an upcoming game.
Artists will work on contract providing up to 4 iterations, including:

· Rough Pencil version

· Final Pencil version

· Rough Color version

· Final color version

How it Works:
Contracted artists will receive a written description of the world they will concept. A Rough Pencil version will be due two weeks from the contract date. If approved to continue, the artist will then have a week from the receipt of feedback notes to complete each subsequent phase.

Example from Previous Concept Initiative (for Wizard101):

Written description:

Area: Wizard City

Genre: Fairy Tale / Fantasy

The world itself is floating in mid-air, a giant chunk of rock and dirt hanging effortlessly in the middle of the sun-filled sky. Beyond this, no other trace of land can be seen – above, below or beyond – as far as the eye can see.

In the center of this tiny world is a single enormous tree, a Great Oak and that stretches far overhead and forms a canopy of shade over the entire world. In truth, it looks more like the Tree itself is hanging in the air, like a giant hand reached down from the sky and yanked it up, roots and all. The remaining land seems to be just that which was necessary to provide the minimal amount of nourishment necessary to support the roots.

Around the tree is a great circle of standing stones, like Stonehenge, only well-kept and enormous. Just beyond the stones, in a full circle around the trees’ base, lies the village known as Wizard City, curving and winding as necessary to sit in the furrows between the tailing ends of the Trees massive roots.

In the chest of the Tree, just where the great arms bow out and up, is a giant smooth sphere of glass. A brilliant, clear orb, it sits like a great bubble, nestled just atop of trunk – as if the tree was seeded beneath it eons ago and, in growing, enveloping the globe, grew around it, nestling it and shielding it. The Tree, in time, grew above it and beyond it, forming a natural umbrella of thick, knotty limbs and enormous overlapping leaves.

Beneath the tree, Wizard City itself seems designed almost haphazardly, with meandering cobblestone alleys and small cul-de-sacs that house white stone and thatch shoppes and bent, white-washed towers. Like a small medieval village, these tiny one and two story buildings are adorned with waving, colorful flags and lush, lollipop bushes. As with most worlds, the city is laid out in the shape of an enormous counter-clockwise spiral. A single road begins at the base of the tree, just outside the stone circle, and loops lazily around the tree in one, two, then three widening circles before finally reaching the edge of the dais where it ends, abruptly and unceremoniously, in a sheer cliff that hangs above nothing more than clouds and sky.

The denizens here are all Wizards. It’s like a wizard retirement community. Most of them have come here to settle down and smoke their pipes and write their memoirs while sitting by a nice fire with a glass of wine. Most of them don’t even practice combat magic anymore, they recognize the problems posed by the aggression of the Warlocks, but seem resolved not to take any direct action.

Sample Submissions (Final Color):

If interested, please send samples or links to portfolios to:

William Haskins
Senior Producer
KingsIsle Entertainment

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Joined: 28 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:31 am     Reply with quote
Kingsisle would like to thank all the applicants who have turned in their portfolios for review. At this time, we are no longer accepting submissions as we have quite a few to go through.... when future opportunities present themselves, I will eagerly turn to the Sijun community again!
thank you very much.
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